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We operate on a ‘no success, no charge’ basis.
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Reliable & confidential debt recovery to improve your cashflow

Newcomen Commercial Services has been helping businesses throughout the Newcastle and Central Coast regions with debt recovery and process serving for many years.

Our dedicated and professional team works with businesses and solicitors all over Australia, including the greater Sydney region and country areas of New South Wales, to achieve positive outcomes. We regularly act on behalf of clients on many interstate matters.
As a business owner or accounts manager, the importance of cashflow is recognised as one of the fundamentals of running a successful business.

Maintaining a consistent cashflow, is the power to control the expenses of wages and running costs each week or month. As well as to continue to be profitable at the levels previously budgeted for, allowing for business stability and/or expansion.

So why is the recovery of unpaid accounts often an overlooked area of maintaining cashflow? Often it is because we would prefer someone else to do the dirty work for us.

At Newcomen Commercial Services, we don’t charge unless we successfully recover your unpaid accounts. So, requesting us to act on even a small number of accounts, regardless of the unpaid amount, is really a no brainer.

If successful we charge a commission of 20% on amounts up to $1000, and 15% over $1000.

If you feel that we could be of assistance in improving the cashflow of your business. Please feel free to contact our debt recovery staff on ph. 02 4969 2040, or via email to for further enquiries.

For immediate action, any unpaid invoices can be emailed through to the above email address with a request to proceed.


Newcomen Commercial Services Coordinates with an in-house solicitor, removing expensive legal fees you may otherwise be exposed to.

We operate on a ‘no success, no charge’ basis. Only upon successful collection of your debt do we charge a flat rate commission.

To find out more about how we can help your business recover debt and our process serving services, please get in touch today.
Debt Recovery  — Debt Recovery in Newcastle, NSW
Recover outstanding debts from any debtor in Australia with our honest, professional and proven methods. You only pay us when we are successful, so you have nothing to lose.
Process Serving — Debt Recovery in Newcastle, NSW
If you need a legal document served, for example, family law and workers compensation documents, we conduct process serving 7 days a week. We also specialise in field calls, repossession and skip tracing.