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With more than 30 years of experience in the process serving industry, Newcomen Commercial Services delivers quality results for every client. We pride ourselves on expediency and reliability. Our local services extend throughout Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, and the Central Coast. However, we have an extensive network of agents Australia-wide.

With the benefit of 30 years' experience in Process Serving, the management team in this division is well-drilled in achieving the results for clients as outlined in our mission statement. It is not often such experience is available in this industry, and what makes us special is that this expertise is available as your first point of contact.

You can rest assured that when using Newcomen Commercial Services for process serving, the result will be as you require. This experience, as well as the most competitive rates in the local area, makes us the right agency for you.


Our services

We have a team of process serving professionals working efficiently to deliver and collect necessary legal documentation. All of our methods are conducted in a professional and confidential manner. Newcomen Commercial Services also conducts field calls, repossession and skip tracing.
Field Calls — Debt Recovery in Newcastle, NSW

Field calls

Where demand letters and summons authorities have gone unanswered, and in various other instances, we send one of our team members to make a physical attendance to the address of the individual. Our process servers are professional and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.
Repossession — Debt Recovery in Newcastle, NSW


Our staff is well-equipped and experienced when it comes to repossession. For clients who have the right to repossession from a debtor, we take care of the entire repossession process.
Skip Tracing — Debt Recovery in Newcastle, NSW

Skip tracing

Process serving or debt collection is not always straightforward and can sometimes require skip tracing. We use successful skip tracing methods to find the whereabouts of an individual who may not want to be found to achieve successful results for our clients.
Man Processing Legal Documents — Debt Recovery in Newcastle, NSW

Our mission

'As with any delivery service, we are aware of the need for expediency and reliability. It is across the board that we strive to see these two factors achieved. Not only with the physical delivery of a piece of legal process, but also in keeping the client updated, and the statutory requirements after service has been affected. We get the job done, and we get it done right, that way our clients confidence in us ensures continued business. This enthusiasm is the only way to stay successful in our industry'.
Hand Collecting Coins

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For all of your process serving and debt recovery needs, Newcomen Commercial Services has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals at your service. Our team takes pride in their work and ensures each client receives appropriate updates and communication relating to the cases in progress.

Please get in touch today to discuss how we can assist you.

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